Amorphous amalgam Live

$9,548,332 Album Recording

Josh laying drum tracks on Steel Curtain

Joe and Kevin discussing the political climate of the times

Kevin laying pancakes on Octopus and on Mike the sound engineer

Making breakfast for one and making music for all in the cabin

The cabin where most vocals were done in solitude

Initial mix session with Dave Mallen at Innovation Station recording studio

The face Jess makes after crushing two strip mall smoothies

"Dave. Aliens. It needs more aliens."

Forcinitude Album Recording

Josh studying & charting before heading to the studio to lay drums

Josh's chart for the song Sigmund Freud

Adam recording the "Funky Eskimo" guitar sections of the song Alaska from his basement in Phoenix, AZ

Josh clearly stoked to lay some beats at Innovation Station recording studio

The original Forcinitude cassette from 2001

Joe recording guitar, bass and keys tracks for the song Hippopotamus


Dan shredding and bending notes for the Sherlock Holmes solo

Email exchange between Joe and Adam whilst trying to record various guitar tracks remotely from two different sides of the United States

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