There are things I’ve come to know and things I’ve come to fear
The latter is applicable to those creatures clearly near
They fair as airborne articles or probability of particles
They oddly sound inaudible as they oscillate through obstacles

Microscopic organisms
Damn, they’re small

Diminutive dark matter passes massless through our mass
Mobs of cosmic droplings, globs of dust and gas
Miniaturely minuscule, -10 to the 88th power
Ten million billion danced inside me just this past hour


The robes they wear were made of ghosts
The roads they walk be burnt like toast
Their brains be made of cosmic roast
The robes they wear were made of ghosts
And their robes were made of ghosts…

Machine Elves sure did make great hosts
The universe they did expose
The glimpse I got gets nowhere close
The things I think are just a hoax
Now my robe is made of ghosts…

Our brains were left inside and froze
Not properly packaged nor enclosed
The life we live, not much to boast
Lows and highs but mostly lows
Now our robes are made of ghosts…


Ye olde Mushroom, I’m gonna get inside your mind
Ye olde mushroom, I’m gonna take you for a ride
Ye olde mushroom, we’re gonna shake the hand of time
Ye olde mushroom, I’m gonna stare us in the eyes

Sound sleep, trash heap of humans on the grounds
Bed head, phone’s dead, let’s go another round
Who’s down to lose now? Someone sell me some
To fix these flaws I can't overcome

Gonna take it, then break it, and make another mess
At basecamp, I face plant, me being at my best
In the sunshine, I cut lines, staring in the mirror
Just double-checking that I’m still here

Ye olde Mushroom, get inside my mind
Ye olde mushroom, take me for a ride
Ye olde mushroom, take your good old time
Ye olde mushroom, stare me in my eyes

Breakdown, shakedown, dancin' on the lawn
Blind date, jailbait, in the dark before the dawn
Sun’s down, I’m rundown, I’ve stayed up way too late
Guess I'll try to make some mistakes

Ghost town, no sounds, nothing’s never new
Stalemate, fuck fate, I’ll tell you what to do
Got no shame, mind games, later I’ll explain
Why I’m still afraid of my brain

Ye olde Mushroom, I’m now inside your mind
Ye olde mushroom, I’m taking you for the ride
Ye olde mushroom, we’ll shake the hand of time
Ye olde mushroom, I’m gonna stare me in my eyes


To the liquor store where the maniacs sing
I’ve got a bag of hide for the brown dog that I bring
My bottles cling and the register rings
A poor man I am to trade money for these things

Man I need a job

Park my car then myself on the couch
Pray today that there’s just anything in my pouch
Taste the wind and the wine through the smoke in my mouth
Seems that east went west and north just headed south

I beg for this and steal some of that
Gonna meet with the devil in the alley in the back
I can see the sign on my tombstone reads:
”A poor man we was to trade money for these things”


I’m the man they’ve been talkin’ about
I’ve been wheelin’ round the world with my feets in my mouth
I’ve seen it all and I’ve heard the word
The word is good, that’s me I’m Butch


The trail was trodden and the mountain steep
Fire crackle my soul to sleep
Roll some smoke, pour my whiskey neat
Fire crackle my soul to sleep

Sip your wine as the willows weep
Rest our bones near nature’s TV seat
The moon climbs high and chills come creep
Just cracklin’ coals in a glowing heap

Horizontal in tents now in whispers speak
As the thunderstorm lays down the rain in sheets
Hear the pitter-patter of the snow and sleat
The the sun set sighed over the mountain peak



I went up to the city
And I never came home
I work hard in that city
I work then I get stoned

I put a suit on in the morning
And tie my shiny shoes
I add together numbers

You see, I act like a like it
And that's all I need to do
I refill my Swingline stapler
And I grab a glob of glue

I got some keys in my apartment
To open up your room
I'd like to steal your room


Octopus, where you at?
Octopus, your face is flat
Octopus, swirl your ink
Octopus, you're on the brink

Octopus, use three hearts
Octopus, increase your cart
Octopus, buy some more
Octopus, there's water on your floor

Octopus, twirl your arms
Octopus, but risk no harm
Octopus, define my role
Octopus, then steal my soul

Octopus, destroy my notes
Octopus, right down your throat
Octopus, appendages: eight
Octopus, keeper of my fate


He made love to the bottle instead of his wife
Worked the factory by day and the barstool by night

They called him Kerosene
'Cause he drank whisky and wine and beer in between kerosene

He fed whisky to kids and drank with all his might
He thought what was wrong was really what was right

"Take your money back and let's both throw one down
I'm growing so tall what is this thing you call the ground?"

"I make love to this bottle instead of my wife
I work that factory by day and this barstool by night"

"If you've been there before, you know what I mean
You get so drunk that all you need is kerosene"


Sometimes I get so bored
The recesses of my mind ignored
Tiny windows that you see
To me, are giant, gaping doors

Break his elbow, smash his head

Sometimes I think about
Falling through the air
But I must stick to this routine
It's so much safer staying here

Don't look in my grave
Don't dig up my grave
Don't try to save me
Because I cannot be saved

I'm a crazy little man
I'm a schizophrenic man
I may attempt to break both of your knees
While gently caressing your tiny hands
I may also break your elbow and smash your head


Larry came down the mountainside
He was stumbling and falling forward
His clothes were torn and his were glazed
With a look that said, "It's over"

Larry dove in the icy spring
With all the energy that he could muster
As he clung to the side of a mossy rock
His spirit lost its luster

Ambition had gotten the best of him
Overconfidence was his downfall
Larry was stubborn but had to learn
Of the power of the Man of the Mountain

The rocky slope and the angry sky
Made perilous travel certain
Larry tried hard but hit the wall
Face to face with the Steel Curtain


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
No. No. No.
Maybe? Maybe? Maybe?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Where? When? Why?
There. Then. Because.
Now, how soon?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah


Yesterday my tire went flat
My baby went for help but she never came back
She left me there on the side of the road
With nothing left but my brains and my bones

These days not sure who I am
Because only she made me feel like a man
I guess I'll replace this flat with a spare
But maybe it's my car that needs the repair

Stick out my chest and stick out my thumb
Gonna hitch a ride back from where I came from
Hot mama pulled over and took me away
I'm glad my tire when flat yesterday


I woke up drunk
The day was in my way


I cleared my throat
Took off one of my boots
Shakin' the pain away
Stuck on these words I can't say

Cracked another brew
'Cause that's all I know how to do
Pickin' on the strings
Learnin' I knew I can't sing

Shakin' the pain
Pickin' the strings
Wishin' I could sing

Feelin' the funk
Drinkin' away the news
Stumblin' over the air
Singin' these hangover blues

I'm already drunk
Days have passed me by


I woke up drunk



Uptown, there was a murder
I'm not sure who it was
Oh, Sherlock Holmes?

Someone said they heard her
And they saw a shadow shuffle through the rain
Oh, Sherlock Holmes?

Walked through my door the other day
Someone had dropped a line my way
Oh, Sherlock Holmes?

There's a mission up ahead
And it fills my mind with dread
Oh, Sherlock Holmes

I wish I could tell you who done it
But the man, I think he ran away
Do you think it could have been Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes!


I've been living on a river of colors green and pink
The flowers, they still look good but the aroma, it kind of stinks
The annelids of Earth live in styrofoam containers
And the fish, they keep warm in hydro-electric insulators

Bio-electro-magnetic equilibrium
Genetic encoding of endoplasmic reticulum
I'm not cleaning it up because I'm not the president
To you it's detriment but from it, we all benefit

I'm gonna radiate my granola in fiberglass microwaves
And plug in an electric razor because my fatty dreads need shaved
Take a walk to the forest in plastic rubber sandals
With the sack in the pack on my back, I can save all the animals

The hippopotamus, it never sees me because surface tension makes it hard
Starting in the middle, means you didn't ever start

The maids are in the bathroom scrubbing porcelain with foam
I consider myself a vagabond, my mind is all I own


We were taught since our birth
That the meek inherit Earth
But the meek don't live to seek
Because the life they live is bleak

Holding on too high and tight
Asking God to live their life
Pointing fingers all around
Kneeling helpless on the ground

I'd rather be on the spaceship

When the life we know is dead
And the world begins to end
What becomes of the strong?
When the weak declare them wrong?

A giant spaceship will be built
The axis angle it will tilt
And the meek will make the choice
They won't attempt to make the voyage

I'd rather be on the spaceship


Darwin was a genius and Einstein smoked
The gravity beneath us merely teaches us to float
Darwin was a genius and Einstein smoked
Pass the pipe to Jesus, see religion is a hoax

Far and few between us is a happy human home
The planet next to Venus only orbits on its own
Far and few between us is a happy human home
Ask the Earth to feed us and the seed begins to sow

"My matter I relinquish..." as Anaximander wrote
To stars, whose dust that breed us, cosmic cannibals in cloak
"Fines for your iniquities..." an Anaximander quote
Singing this is meaningless and reasoning is wrote

Charles dies a fetus, uncle Albert start to choke
The ice age, next, will freeze us breaking bones that can't be broke
Charles dies a fetus, uncle Albert coughs and chokes
The sphere of space expands, thus, then collapses and explodes


Sigmund Freud wants to come analyze my dreams
Wants to know why and how and who and what it all means
Sigmund Freud, in my dream I saw a fearsome, fighting frog
He chased me through the realms of time and space and sang this sickening song

He said, Sigmund Freud, why do you speak?
We only see you as a freak

Freak Freud, Freud freak, freak Freud
Bleak void, void bleak, freak Freud
Greek frog, frog Greek, freak Freud
Freak Freud, Greek frog, bleak void

Sigmund Freud, packed his pipe and then he paralyzed my brain
The smoke it seemed to ease the pain of purpose driving me insane
Sigmund Freud, I can't escape this crooked, cataclysmic cave
My god is gone so I seek to save the soul he never gave

He said, Sigmund Freud, what do you seek?
We only see you as a freak

Freak Freud, Freud freak, freak Freud
Piqued droid, droid piqued, freak Freud
Seek god, god seek, freak Freud
Freak Freud, seek god, piqued droid

Sigmund Freud, your analysis of me is kind of scary
But I see your judgments as nothing but arbitrary

He said, Sigmund Freud, why do you speak?
He said, Sigmund Freud, what do you seek?

We only see you as a freak


Driving up I-79
Saw a hawk swoop down out of the sky
He ate a piece of roadside kill
He ate roadside kill, roadside kill, roadside kill

I saw the story cut and dry
That's what I'll be when I die
I'll be a piece of roadside kill
I'll be roadside kill, roadside kill, roadside kill

Driving back down 79
The hawk lay down his head and died
He became a piece of roadside kill
Became roadside kill, roadside kill, roadside kill

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