Joe Zaczyk Guitar, Vocals | Zachary Brown Drums, Vocals | Dave Salvo Guitar | Neel Singh Bass | Natalie Ahearn Keys

In late 2017, Joe and Zachary were looking to form a band and found each other on Craigslist. They were offered a gig in early 2018 and accepted, despite not yet forming a full band. They scrambled to arrange and rehearse Joe’s newest material, which mostly consisted of the songs that later made the Syzygy album. Local musicians Dave Salvo (The Last Rewind, Skaii), Neel Singh (Staycation, Skaii) and Natalie Ahearn (Of Tomorrow) graciously came together to play the gig and formed the most powerful configuration of Amorphous Amalgam yet. In short order and with minimal rehearsal time, the band pulled off the gig and played a handful more, with the Syzygy songs becoming core to the live shows. While gigging, the band hit The Brink Analog Recording Studio to put the songs to paper and Syzygy was released on Christmas Day 2018.


Joe Zaczyk: Guitar, Keys, Vocals | Josh Light: Drums, Vocals | Kevin Neimond: Bass | Dan Steele: Guitar | Jessica Taylor: Vocals

The $9,548,332 album is a mix of Amorphous Amalgam originals and songs written over 10 years ago in collaboration with the defunct band Grizzly. The drum, bass and certain guitar tracks were recorded by Grizzly for its 2007 unreleased Rickshaw EP. The old Grizzly tracks were resurrected and served as the foundation on which Joe wrote and recorded the additional instrument and vocal tracks to complete the songs. $9,548,332 is the first album featuring Jessica Taylor's backing vocals.


Joe Zaczyk: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals | Josh Light: Drums, Vocals | Dan Steele: Guitar | Adam Carter: Guitar

The songs on the Forcinitude album were written in the late '90s and early '00s and was originally recorded with an 8-track machine and distributed the old fashioned way via hand-delivered cassettes in 2001. Later on Father's Day 2011, Forcinitude was re-recorded and re-released digitally and dedicated to Joe's father who bought him a Fender Stratocaster (a.k.a. Whitefaclon) and Yamaha PSR-340 keyboard which catalyzed Joe's songwriting and multi-instrument recordings. The album features Josh Light on drums and guitar solos by Dan Steele and Adam Carter.

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